Modern Chat

CoreIRC is a modern well-designed Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client with support for DCC file transfers, message notifications, the IRCv3 specification and more.

Get started by purchasing the Pro version from Google Play Store or trying out the Lite version for an unlimited period of time.

About CoreIRC



Receive files using DCC

Files can be received over the DCC protocol with resume support.


Robust notification system

Configure the notifications you want to receive for each network by channel, sender or message. Create as many notification rule sets as required so you don't miss anything important.


IRCv3 SASL and NickServ authentication

Authenticate to configured servers with SASL PLAIN, SASL EXTERNAL or SASL SCRAM-SHA-256, or just using plain old NickServ. CoreIRC supports a wide range of the IRCv3 spec.


And much more...

Inline URL previews, fun scripts like Now Playing and System Information, command and nickname autocomplete, IRC / mIRC colour support, and there's still more!